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Arguably Hubbard’s single most important writing – the a single that each scientology will have to analyze with the beginning of Each study course in scientology — is entitled “Holding Scientology Doing the job.” It really is hammered into just about every scientologists’ brain that Hubbard’s words here are actually a subject of life and death For each and every man, lady and child on earth (and past).

But Penny, there are many facets that happen to be damaging. The man whose fingers you spot your spiritual life WAS wanting suicide to deal with his suffering. Is that this knowledge?

No other religion forces CHILDREN into their harshest orders, or threatens users of those orders with mega-greenback invoices for services supposedly rendered while in the get, and disconnection from their individual people if they elect to depart.

And on and on. Nearly every strange exercise or belief in Scientology might be when compared in a way to a follow or belief in other religions. This serves to lessen the shock element – yeah, the considered goes, so they’re nutty. So are all religions, to some degree.

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But that is not REALLY why scientology employs a cross. If it had been meant to symbolize the 8 dynamics it would be an eight pointed STAR with all arms equivalent. No dynamic is regarded as being a lot more important as opposed to Some others, but the “scientology cross” isn't going to have them equivalent scientology beliefs childbirth in size.

God bless you for this comment, it amazes me to no conclusion how the media has produced a detrimental frenzy about this religion and Virtually Every person bought carried absent hook line and sinker. I am a hundred% scientology beliefs and money christian, but in addition open up minded. I look at religion provides a cube with the sun shining on it and man on top rated a hill.

The purpose is not really almost nothing. The aim is definitely the neutralization of thoughts into an unbelievable condition of fulness of being. Causless knowledge and causless being/

Scientology is hilarious, the biggest con-sport / cult out there. Only in America could a sci-fi writer start a ‘religion’.. It’s like the individuals who find out klingon and head to Star Trek conventions.. It’s their suitable to take action, nonetheless it’s our ideal to giggle at them for undertaking it..

In line with Church doctrines, the religion views homosexuality to be a ailment. Haggis then wrote a now-famous letter of his resignation from your Church.

L Ron died of the stroke, not suicide. He did have psych drugs in his system when he died, and that is ironically versus church plan.

When anyone enrolls, think about he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe—never allow an “open up-minded” technique. If they’re planning to quit allow them to Give up rapid.

Each superior scientologist religiously follows the phrases of L. Ron Hubbard who dictated that scientology is the only real path.

We are heading inside our society, within our culture within our world to a more inclusive, scientology beliefs actors tolerant and accepting character.

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